Download and Setup Instructions

SmsLite Gateway is available in two different installation packages. The latest version is Microsoft .NET framework and ODBC.NET are required for SmsLite, you can always get the latest .NET framework and ODBC.NET from Microsoft directly. Please choose accordingly to suit your needs.

Choose a download package:

  •  Smart Installation Package (approximately 999 KB):
    This is the complete package contains all the files required to run SmsLite. Microcrosoft .NET Framework and ODBC.NET are required in order to use SmsLite. The setup program will check your system, it will download the required code from our download server and start the installation automatically, if .NET framework or ODBC.NET is not found on your system. System restart may needed after the installation.
  •  Patch Installation Package (approximately 551 KB):
    This is the upgrade version of SmsLite, it only contains the latest versin of executable file. This package requires SmsLite be installed on your computer before.