MailEdge,mass email software by HexNiche

MailEdge - the ultimate mass email software

Get MailEdge free from CNET! MailEdge is a mass email software in nature. As an efficient internet marketing mass email software, MailEdge has an easy-to-use user interface used for mass email. This mass email utility saves time and effort in delivering your news letter or marketing collateral to thousands of recipients.

  • Speedy Delivery be introduced
    Instead of generating traffic for every recipient, MailEdge is able to group recipients together according certain rules and only generate 1 time traffic for this group. This will tremendously reduce the network traffic and result in great time saving on your mass email campaign. There are 2 modes available currently; they are "CC Mode" and "SMART Mode". However, mail merge will be disabled automatically in these modes.
  • Intergated with mySMTP
    MailEdge can fully integrated with mySMTP . mySMTP boosts up MailEdge to the next level of mass email campaign. MailEdge will pass the mail requests to mySMTP in a very short period; mySMTP process the mail requests using its high speed, ultra-reliable SMTP engine. You will never fail on any valid email address any more.
  • Logging function
    All mass email sending attempts and results will be logged down. User will have a much better idea on their mass mail delivery results like "Is it successfully delivered?", "Who did not receive my mail and why?", etc.
  • Import / Export mailing lists
    MailEdge is able to import / export its mailing lists in CSV(Comma Separated Values) format. This provide the flexibility to exchange mail contacts with other systems.
  • Support both HTML and text format
    You can create your news letter in both HTML or text format. MailEdge will be able to handle them perfectly.
  • Direct Send, no SMTP server required
    MailEdge is a mass email client software in nature, it utilize a totally new method in delivering mails. With the power of Direct Send, you do not need to go through the SMTP server anymore. MailEdge will deliver mails into recipients' mailbox directly. This will prevent you from receiving complains from any SMTP owner when performing a mass mailing.
  • Embed images into mail body automatically instead of sending a link
    When delivering mails in HTML format, MailEdge will scan through the entire message and embed whatever necessary image / sound files automatically. The images will be sent as a special type of attachment instead of a normal hyper link. This means your recipients will have the complete view of your message even if they are disconnect from the Internet.
  • Personalized mail using customized mail merge
    Instead of sending your email that starts with "Dear Everyone,", MailEdge will deliver your mail using only your recipient's name, it will be just like you are sending this mail to him/her only. (although you are doing a mass mailing). MailEdge support 4 build-in merge fields, you can use %NAME%, %EMAIL%, %DATE()%, %TIME()% anywhere is your email, it will be replaced by actual value during mail sending.
    MailEdge also support unlimited self-defined merge fields with ease. Beside standard merge fields, user is able to create their own merge fileds like %COMPANY%, %CITY%, %TEL%, %FAX% etc, as much as you need.
  • File Attachment
    MailEdge is able to attach files like normal email client does. With this feature, you are able to attach your product catalog, price list, user manual, etc during your mass email campaign. This will give you the most flexibility to distribute your existing documents.
  • Keep your recipient details private
    MailEdge will not expose your recipient lists to other recipients like typical mailing software. Your recipients will only see his/her name and email address instead of a long cc list.
  • Unlimited groups, unlimited recipients
    You can organize your recipients in unlimited numbers of groups with unlimited numbers of recipients in each group. This will make it easy for you to broadcast your mail to any group of interest.
  • Informative sending status
    There are 2 progress bars and status line in MailEdge to keep you informed of what exactly happen during your mail sending.