myDyn,ree dynamic IP update client software for free dynamic DNS service by HexNiche

myDyn - Dynamic DNS Client

myDyn is a dynamic DNS service client utility specially designed for 's free DNS service. It will make your computer accessible anytime, anywhere, by associating a domain name to your computer. Together with sitelutions, it provides user a perfect solution to host web server, email server, FTP server on PC even with a dynamically assigned IP address. It is indeed a useful tool for home hosting users.

  • Run as windows service 
    myDyn runs as windows service on NT4.0, windows 2000, XP, Vista, Win7 and Windows 2008 machine. It is a lightweight service, which is only 18KB(myDyn.exe) in size.
  • Flexible IP detection mechanism
    Its flexible IP detection mechanism make it possible to use many IP detection scripts around the world without any difficulty. It can even make use of your home router to detect your dynamically assigned IP.
  • Supports unlimited domain names
    myDyn supports unlimited domain names using your sitelutions account. You may host more than one domain on your server without any extra cost.
  • Absolutely Free!
    Yes, you are right! myDyn is a freeware without any hidden cost. You can deploy on any numbers of your servers freely.