mySMTP,SMTP mass email relay server software by HexNiche

mySMTP - high speed personal SMTP relay server

Get it from CNET! mySMTP is a personal SMTP relay server specially designed to handle huge mail request. It relays all your mails to their recipients without involving any ISP's mail server. All the emails will be relayed through your desktop directly, without going through your Internet Service Provider. All emails will be delivered to your recipient's mailbox directly.

  • Hide your real IP
    Do you know you are exposing your IP address in every email you send? What does this mean? It means people can easily locate you and your ISP through the exposed IP address. mySMTP is able to hide your real IP using external proxy server. Your recipient will only see the proxy server's IP address but not yours. No one will know where you are from unless you tell them.
  • Fully integrated with MailEdge
    mySMTP is not only a replacement of your ISP's SMTP server, it is specially designed to work with MailEdge or any other type of mass email software. Together with MailEdge, it provides a total mass email solution in a cost effictive manner. Instead of sending mail through network socket to mySMTP, MailEdge now save mail files directly to mySMTP's remote folder for delivery.
  • High speed SMTP receiver
    With multithread technology, mySMTP receiver accepts high number of simultaneous connections. There is no configuration limit for the software itself, you can accept more than 500 connections concurrently if you have enough internet connection bandwidth and a powerful PC. This means mySMTP can serve quite number of mail request at one time.
  • Ultra-fast multithreaded mail relay engine
    Same as SMTP receiver, mySMTP's inbuilt mail relay engine provides quite number of simultaneous mail delivery at one time. It simulates more than one computer to send emails and result in tremendous time saving and efficiency. The actual number of threads depend on the internet bandwidth and the power of your PC.
  • Ultra-reliable SMTP engine
    Mail delivery is not always successful at the first attempt even the recipient is valid. Therefor, every mail is given a time to live (TTL) which is 24 hours in mySMTP, when a mail fails to deliver, it will be moved to retry queue and the TTL will be adjusted accordingly. mySMTP will check retry queue base on configured interval. If a mail's TTL equals or less than zero, it will be moved to bad queue, otherwise, it will join remote queue again for next mail deliver attempt. With the help of queue system, mySMTP becomes one of the most reliable mail server. You will never fail on any valid email address any more!
  • No limitation on mail body
    It does not like your ISP's mail server which only allows 100 recipients in a single mail, mySMTP allows unlimited number of recipients in a single mail. It accepts unlimited message size, unlimited size of file attachment.
  • MX record cache
    Cached MX resolution for fast email delivery. mySMTP will search internal MX record cache first before it queries DNS server in order to find particular domain's mail server. The internal MX cache will return the result immediately if the particular domain be checked before. This will save a lot of time wasted on waiting for DNS reply.
  • Configurable listened IP and SMTP port
    mySMTP is flexible enough to listen on any valid ip address and port number. SMTP service is work on port 25 by default, in the case this port is blocked by your ISP or network administrator; or there is another SMTP service already running on the same machine, you can use any other available port instead. Port 26 will be a good choice.
  • Configurable DNS server
    DNS server is required for mail delivery, mySMTP will detect valid DNS server automatically. However, you still have the great flexibility to enter any other valid DNS instead.
  • Detailed log file
    Every inbound and outbound traffic can be logged if required. The SMTP commands will be recorded into log files. This is very useful feature to trace the mail sending process activities. An error log is also introduced for bug reporting purpose.