HexNiche News
myDyn is re-written under Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0. It is able to work on Vista, Win7 and Windows Server 2008 now. Users may download .NET Framework 4.0 if it is yet available on the target machine.

We've just moved all our software to a new download server. User will enjoy more reliable and faster download experience. Many thanks to Mr. Russell, founder of Sitelutions. We really appreciate his generous offer for this new server and bandwidth. Together with Sitelutions, we are committed to provide our clients more online solutions.

Freeware myDyn was officially released. This is a dynamic DNS client utility specially design for sitelutions.com and it has been chosen as the primary update client for their dynamic DNS service. HexNiche will work with sitelutions closely and support this utility in the future.

Speedy Delivery is introduced in MailEdge version 2.3.1. It is also supported by mySMTP from version With Speedy mode activated, you may reduce your mass email traffic tremendously and result in great time saving.

mySMTP released today! This is a special designed personal SMTP relay server which runs on your desktop. It is not just a replacement of your ISP's SMTP server, it is also a mass email friend SMTP server. The internal mail engine provides user the most speed and reliability on mass email campaign.

MailEdge 2.1.0 released today. Reported bugs in previous version 2.0.x have been fixed. Advanced mail merge is available in this release, user will have the most flexibility to define their own merge fields according to their own business needs.

Our web site goes live today. The site design is not fancy, but we hope to be able to provide you with the necessary information of our products. We have two software to offer at this moment - they are MailEdge & HDB Hunter. More will be coming as we progress. We believe our users will be able to benefit from using these two software and we are constantly enhancing them.

hexiniche.com has been sucessfully registered. HexNiche's mission is to develop user-friendly software to enhance on the Internet experience.