"Thank you so much, for doing this for me, it is very appreciated. Your MailEdge program is excellent, and I would be very lost without it..."

Mr. Craig Young
Email: admin@forums-r-us.co.uk
Web: http://www.forums-r-us.co.uk

"I am very happy with my purchase. You have created a very powerful, and yet easy to use tool. Well done. I'm most proud to support you! ..."

Mr. Cornelius Loh

"MailEdge was just the mass mailing software we were looking for. It is a very easy program to set up and use and just works flawlessly! ... And to top it off, it is very reasonably priced. But, even more important 'at least to us' is that the technical support is absolutely superb! ... After capturing some info. for them and emailing them back, within 24 hours we not only had a response back, but a new file to resolve the problem. I just loaded the file and the MailEdge program worked perfectly and has on every mailing we have done! ..."

Mr. Michael E. Busby
Director, Sales and Marketing USA
Distech Controls, Inc
Web: http://www.distech-controls.com

"Thank you. I will tell you one thing, your promptness and thoroughness is impeccable! I found your program after purchasing and using another program only to find that there were MANY problems with their program. Yours is wonderful and with each new improvement continues to prove so...."

Ms. Peggy Thorsen
Email: pegclark4@attbi.com

"Thank you for this level of support. I am planning a promotion to generate more business and n integral part of that is the mailedge software component as it represents excellent value for money. Your support levels give me the confidence to include it so lets hope March brings us all an increase in fortune....."

Mr. Steve Giachardi
Email: neonsoda@neonsoda.co.uk
Web: http://www.neonsoda.co.uk