SmsLite,SMS gateway software by HexNiche

SmsLite - 2 way SMS gateway server

SmsLite gateway is designed to send and receive short message using Windows 2000 or XP. It is made so robust that it can easily integrate with customize application using open source business logic(BizLogic), developer can add SMS function in their own application within 1 day. Hence it gives users a great window of business opportunities to explore in the SMS System.

  • Real time 2 way messaging
    SmsLite supports both incoming and outgoing messages in real time. It only reads from GSM Modem upon new incoming message arrives.
  • Support flash message
    It is able to send flash message. When a flash message arrives, it will be displayed on the mobile screen directly without pressing "Read" button. Some mobile operators will not support this type of message. It may also become a normal message when routed between mobile operators.
  • Auto support message between ASCII and Unicode
    The advanced internal message engine is able to understand Unicode and normal text message format. This empowers SmsLite the ability to support None-English SMS automatically.
  • Auto resend upon SMS failure
    It will retry sending automatically upon SMS failure. This is supported natively by the message queue system.
  • Detailed error log
    User is always able to find the detailed error logs in both database and windows event log.
  • Open source BizLogic in Microsoft .NET compliance language
    Our flexiable BizLogic architecture allows the streamless integration with other system with ease. Developer can choose any Microsoft .NET compliance language at his own confort, for example, VB.NET, C#, VC++.NET etc.
  • Run as a windows service
    SmsLite gateway runs as a windows service at background. You may even forget it exists once deployed.